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Commonly we use DHL, Fedex, TNT or EMS for delivery. We would choose one from them depends on the customs policy and delivery limitations.
If you have an account of an Express company, you could email us to use your account. But we do not guarantee that you Express account would be used for the delivery.
Commonly, for orders with total value bellow 500USD, you might have to pay 50USD as delivery fee. For orders above 500USD (weight < 0.5kg), delivery will be free.

For our regular users from colleges or institutions, you could enjoy a default discount rate of 10%( only for Brand of "chemsoon", except for customerized reagents). If you wanted more discount, please email us to apply. Commonly if you have an order for a big amount, you have chance to enjoy more discount.

3 Why can't I order online
Sometimes you might meet problems in ordering online. You could email us with information of your target product (CAS, Product Catalog ID, amount, contact and delivery address), we could operate offline order for you.
But we still strong recomment you make online orders if you can.